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Quote of the day

"One of the biggest problems with the world today is that we have large groups of people who will accept whatever they hear on the grapevine, just because it suits their worldview-- not because it is actually true of because they have evidence to support it. the really striking thing is that it would not take much effort to establish validity in most of these cases...but people prefer reassurance to research" -


Last Weekend: Ichiban Ramen | Miss Korea | Star Cafe | Wedding Dinner

Had Korean food over the weekend for dinner with boyfriend and Ramen for brunch after my toastmasters meeting on the Saturday, Star Cafe (steak) for brunch on Sunday, and all deals are from Groupon.

Nothing much to complain for the Ramen, the restaurant named Ichiban Ramen located at Lower Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid. The deal is still on and said to be quite affordable too. We had beef ramen (1st photo) and spicy ramen with chicken (2nd photo). 

Link for Ichiban Ramen:

After our brunch, we are suppose to head towards the New Wing for dessert @ Gelatomio, and sadly to mention that the deal is not available for weekends especially at Sunway Pyramid.

We had the Korean food at Desa Sri Hartamas @ Miss Korea, and the deal gonna expired soon so we planned in an impromptu way to make sure we are going to use it by Saturday. So, here it is. We are so unaware of the logo that did not state "paperless", we went there and sat on the chair, showing the waiter from our smartphone about the deal that we are about to use, and he told us that they required printed voucher to redeem it. However it is, we still managed to print it out and settled our late dinner at there.

We have selected 3 types of meat but all are pork, just that it has different flavor as well as different part of it. Their service is quite good, although at the voucher mentioned about RM5 (compulsory tipping), but we did not pay for any cents after we ate finished. Well, I guess mainly is because he did asked me whether I prefer to cook by myself or wants him to cook for us, and I said I will cook by myself. But meantime, he came to see my cooking progress quite frequent and helped me whenever I am not conscious that the food is gonna burn. Their overall service is quite good, the staffs are friendly, same goes to the owner of the restaurant.

Link for Miss Korea:

So, here is another food post for Sunday's brunch. We went there with his mother and we ordered Lamb Shank, Salmon steak and Tuna Sandwich and it is considered super heavy for a brunch! But still managed to finished everything. The food taste good, but the mushroom soup is not that good. Their drinks are not included in the deal, so we ordered their healthy juice "Tummy Booster | Banana + Pineapple + Milk" and also carrot juice.

Both of the Korean food and Steak cost us for RM48 (2x, so it's RM96). This post is full with food's photos! So we can imagined that we had a lot of good foods over the weekend and 100% rely on Groupon :) My boyfriend tentatively suggested to stop hunting for such great deals already because we ate non-stop. 5555
Link for Star Cafe:

After the brunch, went for the wedding dinner at Sentul, one of my father's best friend's daughter got married.

Time to rest my tummy over the weekdays.


#Throwback | Just another Backpack Day | Travel Budget Tips

This photo was taken back in December 29th, 2014, two days after I am back from Singapore to Malaysia and then travel to Jakarta. 

The whole trip were planned in an impromptu way, because the whole trip to Singapore & Indonesia were plan right after my final exam ended on the 17th December 2014. 

As you know the airfare ticket gonna be very expensive and last minute plan is always not worth it. Today I am gonna share some of my tricks to get a cheaper package to travel / backpack especially for all the last minute traveler although it not not exactly that "cheap" but at least it is within the boundary. 

The very first thing that I noticed not only me but most of my friends will always check on Air Asia's deal rather than any other airline's deal. Well, here is one of the website that is recommended to make a comparison of airfare's prices with almost all airline companies. 


After selected our intended destination, there will be few selection for us to compare with. 

This is the first step that I did to get the cheapest airline ticket to my intended destination. There is another option for Malaysian that wanted to travel to Singapore with a budgeted amount, take a look at this website, we are able to find a cheapest price for buses too. 


Secondly, of course will be the accommodation. I suggest not to book directly from their officially website if you keen to look for a budget accommodation, here is the recommended website, we can even download an app from our phone. 


This website is very user-friendly, we are able to filter or sort everything out based on our preference such from high-low price, star rating, theme, property type, facilities, districts, review score, city, check-in time, and so on. 

That would be great if we have any relatives or friends that staying at the destination that we plan to visit, we can always try to ask permission for homestay etc. :) There is another website for whoever that prefer homestay. See below.


Once the booking has been made for flights/buses & hotel, we will now proceed to the itinerary. For this part, we can always ask around people that has been there before, reviews and comments from them would be the best source, or else, we should just try the second option which will be the desk research through Internet (google is always our best friend) or from people's blogspot

In term of change the currency, I always heard from my surrounding friends or even families that Midvalley or Sunway Pyramid offers the best rate for us. So I guess these two places might be the best one. Personally, for me I did not really concern much on it because I always plan the last-minute trip, I will only change my currency based on the location that is the most nearest to me. 

Last but not least, there is another trick for traveler that do not have any map on hand during the trip, please use the GOOGLE MAP, even if we do not have data or Wi-Fi, it is still functioning and it only required us to be outdoor, it will show us where we at and the "dot - us" will always move according to where we heading to. See below.

You may even try it now without your data or Wi-Fi to test it before you really use it when you reach there. :)

Thank you.

Last Saturday | ROA Restaurant

Since I have reactive back my blog, let me share some part of my daily routine that something to do with food. It will be very weird if I say everybody does need food everyday right? Well, the problem for nowadays or probably started back in many centuries ago, people may always encounter the questions like "What to eat? or Where to eat?". Frankly speaking, I am also one of the person that always asks the same questions everyday. 

But for this era, we are so fortunate to have social media as well as online shopping that makes our life more convenient and simple. With the innovation coming along, we are now surrounded with tons of high-tech stuff and etc. The key point now is, if you all have heard of Groupon, it is one of the most popular recommended website for us to purchase voucher for the deals that capture your interest including foods, beauty & health, travel, merchandiser, and more. 

If you keep track on my upcoming post from now onwards, I will consistently post more of the best deal that provided by Groupon, you will definitely able to know whether to get one or not as I will provides the generous review about all the places that I have been by using their vouchers. 

Today, I will share about the Manadonese cuisine originated from North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We are able to find them at ROA Restaurant (ROA by Jovian Mandagie) located at No. 16, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar

You should look at those photos first before I further comment on them :)

Disclaimer: The foods are really really spicy! You may choose non-spicy dishes as the waiter will ask you first before they recommend. We were not aware of the spicy level & we thought that the spice level was equally same as what we usually had. 

Come to important part, the REVIEW: -

As shown above, everything is so perfect including the atmosphere, but for the value wise, their food is quite pricey but the foods are really delicious. Here is the key to solve the problem, visit the link that provided below, you are able to get a great deal from Groupon with 50% off cash voucher. The deal has reaches up to 1100 purchases (based on 22th January 2015 data). Give it a try and most importantly, the website is quite user-friendly. :)

By the way, my boyfriend bought another few vouchers & planning to go there again. I will definitely post it again for more detail information such as original prices & their dishes name. Will just end this post with the some photos.

Thank you <3 p="">


#Throwback | Singapore

Flashing back to my recent trip to Singapore on the end of December 2014, it was my second time visiting to Singapore. This time I did not went there alone, but with a female partner, who loves to travel a lot just like myself and it was a 6 days 5 nights trip (during Christmas week). Long story short, lets move on to the important part. 

As usual, just like all the typical traveler that rarely visit Singapore will definitely browse through the Universal Studio Singapore (USS) website to purchase the e-ticket so that we can cut down the heavy queue if we decided to purchase it on that day itself. And I would strongly suggest people to purchase it online. The price for 2 tickets was S$ 136 (S$ 136 / 2 = S$68 [MYR 180 approx]).

Moreover, we purchased another tickets to visit SEA Aquarium on the 24th December 2014, the tickets cost us for only S$38 [MYR100 approx], which was Buy 1 Free 1 (B1F1) promotion, it was so worth it! Also, if it's not mistaken they have the student privilege as well, but I did not further inquiry about that as I have already purchased the ticket online. 

I personally felt that shopping at Singapore is as normal as shopping at Malaysia, the prices are almost the same, and I think that Singaporean are truly wild shoppers than Malaysians, but I might be wrong because I went there during Christmas season, discounts and sales are happening throughout that week and some did extended their sales period too, & that is why everyone is rushing to grab some affordable clothes for Christmas and New Year. 

I think my memory is so weak, I barely remember what had happened during the trip. However, I just remember that I ate a lot & hunted for a lot of good foods at Singapore such as The Soup Spoon, Ben's Cookies, McDonald's, Costa Coffee, Cafes in USS, Chinese food at Chinatown, Salad bar (Toss & Turn), desserts, KFC, the Prive Group, Smoothie King, Tiong Bahru Cafe, etc.  

One word to describe about the trip, FUN!

Next will post about my Indonesia - Jakarta trip. 


Lesson about wealth

I remember thinking quite logically that I didn't want to broke my principle with wealth so that I would create a foundation. I'm not overly alarmist about it, but I do think there are some immature signs that men shown, like the accumulation of wealth by a very small proportion of the property that he gave away, yet, he twist his words that which can be proven. Well, loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I've ever though I'd have. He who loses wealth think he loses much, but he doesn't realize who loses a friend loses more, and he that loses his courage loses all. Shoes for men are about elegance or wealth, they are not playing with the inner character. That is why women are happy to wear painful shoes. For my personal view, wealth that I loses on something that I could clearly see a person heart, it is worth for me. Love is the only wealth, and I rather lose unfaithful and betrayal love that's called wealth. 


Greatest powers of music

I believes everyone loves listening to musics. Let's talk about types of music that I prefer. A girl like me love oldies and love songs. Listening to oldies or love songs gives relaxation, the sense of enjoyment and has great health benefits as well. Especially, whenever I listen to certain songs, I imagine and describe myself into the situation and lyrics.

Artists that I always prefer to listen to their songs that never get me bored was Willie Nelson, Kenny G, Babyface, Atlantic Starr, Bryan Adams, Chicago, Joey Mclntyre and so on. For me, music not only a form of entertainment but it also does a lot of wonders towards us.

Listening to songs helps to relaxes our mental state. Also, each songs lyrics has its own meaning that has moral value and most of the songs sang out positive message to listeners. Some songs could gives us a positive strength and also build out the sense of energetic from our mind.

Every songs itself also has an advantage to keep us from having bad day. Of course we have favourite songs for particular situations. Whenever students facing difficult time on studies, couple that had their argument, people that work for the whole day and had a stressed out day, and whoever can try to de-stresses by listening to music. It definitely works for me because we can tune into the melodies that capture our vibe the best.

Other than relaxes our mind, music also a sort of fun and interesting way to create leisure through expressing feelings or improve our moods by singing it loud at karaoke and sometimes we will sing songs out of sudden when doing something especially driving. Thats the greater powers of music.

Sometimes, those sad songs definitely blows down my mood. Those lyrics which sang out exactly the feeling that I had that moment. But it kinda great because the songs let us feel that we are not alone, feel that someone still understand how you feel and so on. We can try to change to songs that gives us positive thinking so that we can go through difficult time especially when couple have argument.

Let's start play your favorite music now! :)

Songs that never get me bored:
Finally Found Someone
You're The Inspiration
Everytime I Close My Eyes
Always On My Mind
Please Forgive Me
Stay The Same
The Day We Find Love



We don't need to focus on what we don't want it to be happen. Focus on what we do want to be happen. Positive thinking is always a great success of story.

If we awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen in our life today, and we pay close attention, we will often find that we r right.



We don't need to act like everything is fine if it isn't. Don't need to pretend to be strong when u sad, don't need to prove to people that u r fine when u r not or concern on what they r thinking. Cry if u need to, it's healthy though to just shed the tears. The sooner u do, the sooner u will be able to smile again :)


Fight for it

Don't let others bring u down to their level

Refuse others to lower your standards


challenge yourself not others

Dont worry abt what others doing better than u!

Concentrate on beating your own records every day. Success is a battle between u and yourself only.


Ready or not?

Nobody ever feels 100% ready when an opportunity arises. Because most great opportunities in life force us to grow beyond our comfort zones, which means we wont feel totally comfotable at first.